Visible ISS Passes Over Arran

Of course, whether or not you can see the ISS depends on the weather! So dont forget to check the forecast 😉

Here are the latest Visible passes by the International Space Station (ISS). The location is technically for Prestwick (south west Scotland), but the ISS can still be seen at just about the same time from most points on Arran. Obviously on the West coast you will see the ISS before the east coast and vice versa. The list is in reverse chronological order. Clicking the links will take you to NASA’s Human Space Flight page.


ISS Passes can last for a few minutes, or just a few seconds so knowing when to spot is rather handy! It looks like a very bright fast moving star, but not as fast as a shooting star. IF you have a good pair of binoculars you can pick out the satelite shape as it flies overhead.

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