Waves rashing on the beach

February Spring Tide

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More coastal "overtopping" today, and another 3.5m height tide, with southerly winds and low pressure lead to an extra high tide. SEPA issued a flood warning for Cordon, but there are other areas that get flooded too. One of which is the low section of road in Sannox. It was passable but do you really want to risk stalling in the middle of it? Salt water in your brakes or in your engine is not clever!

Less direct wind into the beach and no rain meant a much more enjoyable view of the spring tide. Don't try this yourself, never take you eye off the waves. when they come in, they are full of stones so it would hurt! Many banks have now become overhangs and sannox beach is a good couple of feet lower!

Also if you look closely at some of the photos you will spot the rip currents along the beach, fall in and get caught in one of these you'll find yourself 100m from shore in a matter of seconds. If the worst happened and you got caught in one, don't panic, just swim parallel to the shore until you stop being dragged out to see then surf the waves back in :)

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