Waves rashing on the beach

February Spring Tide 1

More coastal “overtopping” today, and another 3.5m height tide, with southerly winds and low pressure lead to an extra high tide. SEPA issued a flood warning for Cordon, but there are other areas that get flooded too. One of which is the low section of road in Sannox. It was passable but do you really […]

Wind and Waves Pound Sannox

Todays hefty southerly wind and a very high tide caused by the New Moon has lead to some pretty chopping conditions out at sea. Here’s a selection of photos from around Sannox at lunchtime today. Don’t be fooled, when you see waves crashing over jetties like that, stay clear. They look white and fluffy but […]

Waves crashing on to Sannox Beach


The Big Snow

This March saw the biggest snow event on Arran for decades. Whole villages were cut off for days. No mains power on the island for well over a week. SSE and Aggreko mobilised every single one of the 25,000kg generators north of the M25 onto the isle of arran to provide a temporary power supply. […]

November Thunder

There were some astounding thunder claps around Arran this afternoon, the kind that make windows shake in their frames! Because it was Daylight the lightning was hard to get, especially seeing as I was at Ardrossan Harbour and only had my camera phone… but I got a couple of shots, the car and the sea […]