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Currently updating near realtime, most of the time. Last update 01/12/2015 09:11:02

Previous 6hr Weather Summary

Time Temp App Temp Wind Chill Wind Speed Direction Pressure Rainfall Rate Cloud Base
09:08 (01 Dec)4.3 °C2.6 °C4.3 °C2.3 mphE994.6 mb6.8 mm/hr421.0 ft
08:08 (01 Dec)4.1 °C2.1 °C4.1 °C2.3 mphE995.4 mb3.4 mm/hr420.0 ft
07:07 (01 Dec)4.1 °C0.1 °C1.0 °C14.2 mphE996.2 mb0.0 mm/hr482.0 ft
06:07 (01 Dec)4.3 °C-1.2 °C0.2 °C18.1 mphNE997.1 mb3.4 mm/hr739.0 ft
05:07 (01 Dec)3.9 °C2.0 °C3.9 °C1.6 mphE998.1 mb0.0 mm/hr869.0 ft
04:07 (01 Dec)4.6 °C2.7 °C4.6 °C2.3 mphSE998.8 mb0.0 mm/hr1147.0 ft
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Arran Weather displays weather warnings, 3 day graphical weather outlooks, 10 day weather forecasts and real time weather data from our weather station located in Sannox.

Extras include historical weather data, climatological data and appropriate extras which users may find helpful. Fancy Aurora Hunting? Check for Aurora activity here.

Check out the Arran Weather Services page for a full list of provisions.

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Weather Records

Since September 2011 Arran Weather has been recording wind, rain, pressure, humidity and temperature data for the Isle of Arran. There may be some ommisions of data from time to time, for example if there has been a power cut but it's quite comprehensive when it comes to providing an idea of the Climate on Arran.

Please note if your a business, and using my weather data for research/commercial reasons, it would be nice to receive acknowledgement. So please get in touch if you wish to do so.


Every effort is made to ensure the data on this site is accurate, however there may be times when information is outdated or not accurate. There may be a delay in some weather warnings being displayed or the status of the ferries changing between normal and disrupted.

Always use your common sense when heading out and about and don’t rely fully on data from the internet to make judgements about how to proceed with an activity. The geography of the Island means that weather conditions can vary greatly and change rapidly without warning.

By using this site you agree that I, the owner, can not be held responsible for any errors, commissions, damages, expenses, injuries, legal issues or losses by the use and/or miss use of the data provided within. Always check with the Agencies for full and proper guidance, ie Caledonian MacBrayne, Met Office and SEPA.

Thank you :)

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