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ArranWeather.com aims to provide you with the most uptodate LOCAL weather data. the forecasts may be generated by external providers, but the weather station data provided is located in Sannox.
Aurora Borealis over Arran

Not many people realise that under the right conditions, the Isle of Arran is a fantastic location to view the Northern Lights in Scotland. Keep an eye on the space weather page for alerts.

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During a typical year Arran does get hit with a few storms, some are wind, some are torrential rain, some are electrical, and occasionaly its snow storms. View the Snow Diary and Extreme Weather events for more


For more images of Arran and the weather it has, head on over to glensloss.com. A local photographer who loves to try and capture the island in a different light.

  • First Winter Storm is on it’s Way

    First Winter Storm is on it’s Way

    You’ve probably already seen or heard that there is a storm coming. Wave’s are forecast to reach nearly 50ft off the west coast of Scotland, that is huge. As a result of this SEPA have issued flood alerts for various coastal areas around Scotland, Arran included. At the time of posting this the SEPA Flood … Read More

  • Brodick Beach Erosion

    Brodick Beach Erosion

    There has been a lot of talk recently about the state of Brodick’s Beach. Over the last few years there has been noticeable change in the shape and profile of the beach, leading to ever increasing rate of erosion. The weather plays a key role in the life cycle of a beach. It can bring … Read More

  • More South End Earthquakes

    More South End Earthquakes

    Over the last two days there have been three earthquakes recorded by the British Geological Survey with an epicenter just off the south end of Arran Roughly halfway been Arran and Ailsa Craig. In 50 days there have been 7 earthquakes recorded on or near Arran. The quakes earlier in the month were minute, these … Read More

  • Earthquake in the South End

    Earthquake in the South End

    Early on Thursday morning (03:42:20 BST Thu, 15-May-14 to be precise) the British Geological Survey recorded an earthquake on the south end of the Isle of Arran which measured 1.2 on the Richter scale. At magnitude 1.2 it’s very unlikely that anyone would actually feel it. There are millions of these sized quakes, classed as … Read More

  • Amazing Aurora Above Arran

    Amazing Aurora Above Arran

    Thursday the 27th of February saw the best Aurora display I have ever seen, I was just about overhead, full of colour, and easily seen by the naked eye.

  • February Spring Tide

    February Spring Tide

    More coastal “overtopping” today, and another 3.5m height tide, with southerly winds and low pressure lead to an extra high tide. SEPA issued a flood warning for Cordon, but there are other areas that get flooded too. One of which is the low section of road in Sannox. It was passable but do you really … Read More

  • Wind and Waves Pound Sannox

    Wind and Waves Pound Sannox

    Todays hefty southerly wind and a very high tide caused by the New Moon has lead to some pretty chopping conditions out at sea. Here’s a selection of photos from around Sannox at lunchtime today. Don’t be fooled, when you see waves crashing over jetties like that, stay clear. They look white and fluffy but … Read More

  • Intense Sunset

    Intense Sunset

    Don’t really need words, but I did have to de-saturate the colours! I missed the huge perfect rainbow and the mammatus clouds, but once again the Arran Weather had everyone getting their cameras out in amazement at natures artwork [fbalbum url=https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.433219763474556.1073741833.169909423138926]

  • UK Wide Storm Surge reaches Arran

    UK Wide Storm Surge reaches Arran

    Just as SEPA warned, the storm surge came and produced some dramatic coastal flooding. It still wasn’t as high as 23 years ago! Theres been lots of debris left on the roads and in some areas the roadside has collapsed. [fbalbum url=https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.427157284080804.1073741830.169909423138926]

  • The Big Snow

    The Big Snow

    This March saw the biggest snow event on Arran for decades. Whole villages were cut off for days. No mains power on the island for well over a week. SSE and Aggreko mobilised every single one of the 25,000kg generators north of the M25 onto the isle of arran to provide a temporary power supply. … Read More