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Hyperlocal Forecasts

Arran Weather Station has it’s own weather station based in Sannox, in the...

Whats the name for the smell when it rains after a dry spell?

Yup, believe it or not, there’s a name for the smell in the air you...

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Amazing Aurora Above Arran

Thursday the 27th of February saw the best Aurora display I have ever seen,...

Arran Aurora Hunting

It’s been spectacular, lots of new info will be added shortly 🙂

ArranWeather is being Upgraded!

Sorry if your looking for the weather conditions / forecast just now but the...

Merry Christmas!

It hasn’t been the most Festive of weather for this Christmas but I...

Photos for Sale

Just a quick reminder that you can now buy photos that ppear on...

Overnight Hill Snow

With the Hail and cold temperatures over night it wasn’t much of a...

November Hailstones

Hailstones have been falling on and off here for most of the afternoon. Hail...

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